Armenia Startup Academy hosted student internship fair

On November 18, Breedge, a team of Armenia Startup Academy, organized a Student Internship fair at Hero House. More than 50 enthusiastic students from several universities (AUA, UFAR, RAU, ASUE) participated in the event. The event’s main purpose was to familiarize students with startup life and how they can benefit from becoming part of it.

During the event founders of startups stressed that students should start their professional careers during their academic life. A lot of interesting topics have been covered during the event. Rafayel Ghasabyan, the CEO of RAFA Solutions, talked about properly managing the time while emphasizing the importance of practical experience and the ways to get it. Gevorg Safaryan, the CEO of EarlyOne, called the students to have meaningful goals in their lives and and align their daily routines to those goals. He also talked about the importance of networking and that student life is an amazing opportunity to gain a solid professional network. Artem Torosyan, the CEO of inOne, talked about the difference between working in startups and working in big companies. “No one benefits if you start something and work just for completing it. You should deliver value so that you can learn,” said Artem. Experience is what matters most of all in life, because education may not be enough. The co-founder of Stepan Smbatyan (an SFL spinoff) talked about the importance of company values that promote freedom and responsibility. “You should be passionate about whatever you do,” said Stepan.

Breedge, the event organizer, is a company-student matching platform, which allows employers to hire students with maximum effectiveness. Breedge team was formed during Startup Boost Weekend event initiated by SmartGateVC cofounder Hambardzum Kaghketsyan and organized by Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) and Russian Armenian University (RAU) in March 2017. Breedge cooperates with approximately 50 tech companies including Early One, Pixomatic, Chessify, EIF, Vineti, Benivo and so on. Many of the entrepreneurial assistants of the Armenia Startup Academy were hired through Breedge platform. Overall, more than 80 students have started their career via the platform.



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