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Announcing the Winter 2020 Batch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Armenia Startup Academy Winter 2020 Batch for a selected group of 18 promising and capable startups. This cohort represents a diverse set of industries ranging from healthtech, traveltech, business and customer solutions to IoT and more.

In this batch our geography was expanded beyond Armenia - we have one participant from Iran and had applications from other countries including Turkey, Egypt, Tanzania, and Nigeria. We are also proud to have nearly 40% of our companies of this batch led by female founders.

The 12-week intensive program will focus on customer development, mentorship, bi-weekly sessions, talks, and workshops aiming to prepare investable companies to enter leading regional and global accelerators. SmartGateVC and EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy join the forces to run Armenia Startup Academy under the EU4Business initiative.

The following companies have been chosen to participate in Winter 2020 Batch:

iBala is an AI-based smart toy with high-accuracy cry detection algorithm. It sends notifications to parents when a cry is detected, provides statistics and uses the parents words to calm the child with a customizable voice.

Dowork is an AI-powered communication assistant for engineering teams which analyzes teams' communication on different channels and generates actionable insights to achieve team efficiency.

DermAI uses Machine Learning and AI tools to identify allergy and dermatological issue types by analyzing a database of medically-approved images.

Gotcha is a software for emotion detection and prediction of possible deception.

Monitor Sync by Haffo is a cloud-based solution which allows to design, schedule and display media content on remote monitors from the web.

AgileGym is a web platform helping teams to succeed with Agile through experimenting in a simulation game.

Stylebit is providing one unified dashboard to control web applications styles without thinking about new deployments and reducing the overhead working with development teams.

FennecRead is an efficient source of finding desired hard copy books and sharing books for others to read.

uniQ is a platform connecting social media users with talented freelance writers to crowdsource personalized captions for their social media posts.

Varpet is connecting customers and masters in one shared platform.

Insight Factory is a SaaS company that helps blogs and publishers engage their audience, achieve more traffic, and increase retention rate by showing visitor-related articles.

noomee is a mobile application for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder that allows to develop a more efficient, transparent, secure, and accessible rehabilitation process.

GlobalR is an intermediary between internet domain initial providers and resellers helping them to optimize processes with a single API.

oores is a mobile application that utilizes modern map technology to help people organize fast and spontaneous meetups directly on the map. The app also gives venue suggestions.

COWnet by Keveyan Innovations is a cow health status monitoring device designed for loss prevention, reproduction control, and health monitoring.

MyKidz is a mobile application for kids and their parents, which includes categorized information about main kid-oriented products and services, allows to make direct purchases, see nearby places on the map and many other features.

Memopin is a platform for travelers to collect locations in one map from social posts, friend’s recommendations or blogger's videos helping them to explore, plan and share experiences.

GuideMe is a unique audio guide mobile application that helps travelers to discover Armenia by themselves using a GPS interactive map.

Welcome to the Armenia Startup Academy Family!

With this batch, we continue to support capable founders in their missions to build scalable companies, and contribute to the development of tech entrepreneurial ecosystem in Armenia.

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