The program is designed to guide tech companies/teams through the process of customer development using advanced tracking methodologies and instruments. This includes active and continuous process of hypotheses verification in the market. Upon graduation, the teams will have practical understanding of market context for their products and practical steps for the next 6 months. We are very practical :)


Each batch will consist of weekly lectures/workshops, guest-speaker talks, milestone setting, and weekly evaluation. There will be a competitive component and the teams that do not work hard enough will leave the track.


The teams will be guided and coached to apply to global/regional accelerators and to build relevant partnerships for market validation. The work with teams will include tech, financial, legal, business development and customer development coaching and support. The key components of the program include:



Practical knowledge & skills

Customer development & tracking

Tech architecture coaching


US & EU based advisors and mentors

Local seasoned entrepreneurs

Local & foreign customers


Local and EU grants

Local angels & VCs


US/EU based angels & VCs


Coworking space

Vibrant community

Experience sharing

Admin Support

Legal counsel

Financial & tax administration


Curriculum & Training

The curriculum consists of 30+ lectures/workshops in the following 10 modules:

• Team/Founders

• Technology
• Business Model
• Market

• Customers

• Competitors
• Ecosystem
• Investor Interest
• IP & Legal
• Financial

Customer Development

Silicon Valley tracking tools will be used for helping startups to track everyday progress towards value creation and efficiency of distribution channels.


The mentorship component of the program will include individual work with the teams by the Academy instructors and entrepreneurial assistants, as well as pairing with foreign and local mentors.

Special focus will be made on B2B business development mentorship with dedicated mentor being in charge for working with the teams.



Launch: March 4, 2019
Demo Day: May 24, 2019

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