Early-stage for-profit tech startups

Strong teams with complementary skills

Startups with scalability potential

Teams who want to acquire hands-on experience


Although the final selection will be made by the Academy team based on the individual interviews the following criteria play a decisive role:

scalability potential

complementarity of the team composition 
(business, tech, other as necessary)

individual team members’ track record

maturity of the startup



What is Armenia Startup Academy?

Armenia Startup Academy is a pre-acceleration program designed to guide tech startups and teams working on innovative ideas and products through the process of customer development using advanced tracking methodologies and instruments. Participants will attend weekly lectures on various topics and work on their go-to-market strategy and explore opportunities to enter foreign accelerators in their target markets.

What types of companies are best suited for Armenia Startup Academy?

We are looking for early-stage for-profit tech startups that have strong teams with complementary skills, scalability potential and want to acquire hands-on experience in all knowledge areas that are crucial for their growth, customer and product development.

When is the program?

Currently, Armenia Startup Academy offers two batches: Spring and Fall. The dates are flexible, hence follow us on Facebook to stay updated. Usually Fall batch starts in October, while Spring starts in February.

How long is the program?

The program lasts for 12 weeks cultivating into Demo Day, where startups introduce their solutions in front of the audience and investors.

What resources and opportunities will be provided during the program?

The teams will be guided and coached to apply to global/regional accelerators and to build relevant partnerships for market validation. The work with teams will include tech, financial, legal, business development and customer development coaching and support.

Which topics will be covered during the program?

The program includes weekly lectures, workshops and guest-speaker talks about the following topics: - Team and Founders - Technology - Business Model - Market - Customers - Competitors - Ecosystem - Investor Interest - IP, Legal & Financial guidance.

What happens after the program?

Upon graduation, the teams will have a practical understanding of the market context for their products and strategic plan for the next 6 months. Moreover, they will have opportunity to build a network of professionals from around the world ready to assist them in any aspect.

Where is Armenia Startup Academy?

Armenia Startup Academy is based in Hero House, a tech and entrepreneurship hub in the center of Yerevan.

How much your services cost?

Participation of startups is free of charge. If you have a promising idea and a competent and dedicated team to walk the path, we are here to help you speed up your journey!