During th Digital Demo Day of the 3-month Academy Pre-accelerator Batch 6, the startups will virtually present their innovations spanning robotics, security, biotech, health tech, VR technologies, and many more.

Armenia Startup Academy Pre-accelerator is a 3-month program that guides prototype-stage startups through idea validation, customer development, go-to-market strategy, pitching, and prepares them to raise pre-seed rounds and enter local and global markets.

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The programme is implemented by Catalyst Foundation and supported by the European Union’s EU4Business “Technology Development for Armenia” project implemented by GIZ.



Foldink is a biotech company that allows biomedical
researchers to engineer living tissues directly in their
lab using 3D bioprinters and bioinks.



BitNotes is a mobile app that lets users save text notes with just one tap while listening to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube, etc. 


LoopEx is an app, which helps digital shoppers to find and buy what they see, without having to describe what they're looking for in a search box.


Jarvis is an AI-powered software which detects both customer and support agent behavior by performing sentiment analysis.

Perpetuum Motors


Perpetuum is developing a highly scalable and flexible self-driving technology.


manot is an automated annotation tool which provides a novel approach for drone data.



Immensus is an AI-based fitness application that allows sportsmen and healthy lifestyle followers to receive recommendations regarding training 


iMedCloud is an AI-driven platform that allows plastic surgeons and cosmetologists to create and store patient’s public photos and videos in an easy and fast way. 


RoboDel develops a self-driving last-mile delivery robot that gets food/parcel deliveries on time, fresh, sanitized, and untouched


Stingle Photos is a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use gallery application with sharing, backup, and sync functionality.

VR Inn

VR Inn is a VR-tech company which develops a proprietary VR Inn Growth platform to deliver, manage, and control training of employees.

Irakan VR


IRAKAN VR is a VR-based system that reduces acute pain and anxiety during pediatric procedures.

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About Armenia Startup Academy

Armenia Startup Academy is an entrepreneurship and startup education programme aimed to prepare startups to raise pre-seed capital as well as expand to local and global markets through its Pre-acceleration and Traction programmes. The Academy Pre-acceleration programme guides prototype-stage startups through idea validation, customer development, go-to-market strategy, and pitching. The Academy Traction programme is a mentorship-based growth programme designed for companies that have managed to gain initial traction, and need support on intensifying it.

Throughout the 6 cycles of the Armenia Startup Academy Pre-accelerator and 1 cycle of the Traction programme, 112 startups, and 266 entrepreneurs have been involved and a network of 100+ high profile professionals and mentors have been engaged with the companies. The programme alumni have already raised more than €4M in the form of VC and angel investments and grant financing, got accepted to global top startup programmes including Y Combinator and Berkeley SkyDeck, and have created over 150 jobs.