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Modicus Prime

Modicus Prime is a self-service AI software company accelerating and augmenting AI and digitization initiatives in the Life Sciences. provides AI-based non-clinical safety assessment methods for chemicals using hybrid test models; a combination of AI (in silico) and biological (in vitro, in vivo) approach.


Bransfer has built a layer 2-focused platform, called Layerswap, which allows transferring crypto from CEXs to roll-ups instantly and low-fee, thus simplifying the onboarding to layer 2s.


Buildern is a residential construction management software tailored to the needs of small and medium-size remodelers, home builders, and general contractors.

Stingle Photo

Stingle Photos is a convenient and easy-to-use gallery application with backup and sync functionality for photos and videos which seamlessly provides strong security, privacy and encryption.


EditMentor is a web app transforming video education for students and life-learners teaching critical video editing skills by asking students to solve real-life 

interactive “challenges.”

Boot Camp

Bootcamp is an HRTech SaaS platform for employers for virtual internships building with permanent access to the best candidates. 


Uteach provides an all-in-one platform and website builder with the custom-built solution making the launch of an online school a matter of several minutes. 

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About the Program

The Armenia Startup Academy Traction Program is an intensive mentorship-based program designed to assist companies holding initial traction to continue on a positive trajectory. We partner with top mentors to establish appropriate growth frameworks, leveraging their deep expertise in Growth Hacking and Sales. The program supports expansion to international markets and helps to improve fundraising using advanced approaches in fundraising strategy and deck development.

The program is initiated by Catalyst Hi-Tech and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation and supported by EU4Business “Technology Development for Armenia” project operating under the EU4Business initiative of the European Union implemented by German Development Cooperation-GIZ. Viva-MTS, Armenia’s leading mobile network operator, joins the initiative as a corporate partner and supporter.
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