Announcing the Fall 2018 batch

We are thrilled to announce the seventeen companies that will be joining Armenia Startup Academy 2018 fall program.

During last few months we set out to find capable teams who are building next generation solutions for global market problems.

On October 5th, 2018, seventeen teams arrived in Hero House and we are looking forward to upcoming 12 weeks to support these teams in their journey. These teams represent a diverse mix of industries ranging from biotech, blockchain, fintech to cybersecurity and IoT.

Armenia startup academy is a pre-acceleration program designed to prepare investable startups to enter leading regional and global accelerators.

Here are the Batch fall 2018 companies:

Blockchain and fintech track

  1. TCVC(token curated venture capital platform) is a blockchain based platform to be used as a stand-alone investing platform or to be integrated to top ICOs in order to allow their communities participate in investment allocation decision-making.

  2. CryptoJack makes your phone charging profitable by providing SDK for mobile apps to harness the computing power of mobile phones, giving an ability to users win jackpots every week.

  3. Risksensor is an all-in-one financial risk management toolset utilizing artificial intelligence and big data technologies for retail traders earning speculative income.

Biotech and digital health track

  1. MobiLab makes use of bacteriophages against cases of human and animal infections, where antibiotics are not applicable or are useless.

  2. AnteoHealth is a digital health platform to help healthcare practitioners create and promote targeted behavior change and treatment programs through technology.

  3. IMPEL Heart Monitoring System is a set of algorithms which improves the accuracy of heart beat detection up to 99,9%.

  4. Advanced Filtering Systems is a cell sorting system which allows to filter blood and other liquids and extract only desired particles 100 times faster than close alternatives.

Cybersecurity track

  1. Illuria security is a cyber deception automation and threat intelligence technology, which reduces risks by detecting and tracking malicious activities.

  2. EasyDMARC is the smartest and easiest DMARC deployment, reporting and alerting service to make your sent email trusted and maximize the security of your domain and emails.

Internet of Things track

  1. Altered Silicon is developing ASIC + FPGA hybrid product for both mining and any other compute demanding tasks.

  2. Robin produced by Expper technologies is a business assistant robot powered by ML allowing to rapidly analyze and support of real-time conversations with the customers.

  3. GoFish is a retail service robot automating product sorting.

  4. Petto is an AI assistant that creates a connection between the human and house plant by allowing the plants to send messages and notifications to the plant owner via mobile app.

General track

  1. 3DZUK is an AI imitation tool set using the style of an existing picture to create personalized gifts.

  2. RetentionForce is a marketing automation and CRM toolset designed specifically for beauty salon needs.

  3. Zoomerang is a video recording platform using special effects powered by background music.

  4. DoHirus is a platform that allows people to post short duration jobs/tasks at a price and date and let others take the task.

Welcome to the Armenia Startup Academy family Batch fall 2018!



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