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Aimhub closes a pre-seed round led by SmartGateVC and becomes the 6th Armenian startup to get into B

Armenia Startup Academy is thrilled to announce that AimHub, a version control and collaboration hub for AI teams and Fall 2017 batch graduate, has closed a pre-seed round led by SmartGateVC.

AimHub provides a machine learning platform that allows engineers and data scientists to track, compare, monitor, and optimize their ML models. It provides a repository where AI teams can store experiments, their full history - reproducible and accompanied with a rich set of analytics to help accelerate the development process.

Despite the fact that AI has a lot of potential, many companies are not using it because the development process is too complicated for everyone except few highly trained engineers. AimHub aims to disrupt this $30B+ industry by saving up to 40% of the time for AI engineers and unlocking the benefits of AI across numerous industries.

Krisp, SuperAnnotateAI, and SmartClickAI are already AimHub’s customers.

“AimHub helps Krisp Researchers to effectively find the performance bottlenecks in ML networks training using the advanced performance monitoring insights available on AimHub platform. Now we are able to find and solve those issues order of magnitude faster than we used to,” says Arto Minasyan, the co-founder and CTO of Krisp.

“In the beginning when Gevorg told me about the AimHub, I thought that this project is like a ”Vitamin”; it is nice to have, but we don’t need to have it. Things changed drastically when we started using the AimHub at SmartClick. We found out that the product is a real "Painkiller". It constantly helps us take a more critical look at our AI-based projects. As of now, it has a significant impact on our productivity and helps us with our efficiency. It’s a great feeling to find a quality product developed by AI engineers for AI engineers. I’m glad that we decided to work with AimHub”, says Rem Darbinyan, the Founder and CEO of SmartClickAI.

Gevorg Soghomonian, the Co-founder and CEO of AimHub, recently participated in Armenia Startup Academy Batch 5 Virtual Demo Day and presented his progress and post-program achievements.

“At AimHub we are building the Version Control and Collaboration Platform for the next generation of software - the software 2.0 - written by AI engineers and trained by the machines” - said Gevorg Soghomonian in his speech.

“As AI is eating the world, AimHub is a building backbone technology that will be used by any modern software company,” says Vazgen Hakobjanyan, Partner at SmartGateVC and Co-founder of Catalyst Foundation.

“It’s great fun to work with Gevorg and Gor. They build something that our other portfolio companies already use. It's one of the most productive and fast learning teams I’ve ever worked with. They’re very passionate about their product and the idea to delight their customers.” says Hambardzum Kaghketsyan, Partner at SmartGateVC and Co-founder of Catalyst Foundation.

“I enjoyed all the iterations of discussing the AimHub idea with Gevorg since 2017. I am very excited that this eventually ended up with Gevorg leaving his full time job at PressReader in Ireland and together with Gor Arakelyan they launched this venture. I feel honored to be a modest part of their amazing story,” says Ashot Arzumanyan, Partner at SmartGateVC and Co-founder of Catalyst Foundation.

A pool of angel investors with deep domain expertise and background in AI joined the round along with SmartGateVC. AimHub also got backed by Berkeley Skydeck which opens up for the company the huge R&D, network and talent resources of Berkeley University. AimHub is the 6th Armenian startup that gets investment from Skydeck.

AimHub is looking for Full Stack Software Engineer. Experienced professionals with a passion to work in an advanced global team of engineers and researchers across Yerevan and Berkeley are welcome to join the winning team. It’s a great chance to build Software 2.0 tools to dramatically ease the machine learning software development process and to tap into solving unique challenges in industries such as healthcare, self-driving cars, and others.

About Armenia Startup Academy

Armenia Startup Academy is a pre-acceleration program for tech companies and startups aiming to prepare startups to raise their pre-seed rounds and expand to global markets. The program was launched in 2017 with the support of the European Union’s “Support to SME Development in Armenia” (EU-SMEDA) Project by Catalyst Foundation - an initiative of the founders of SmartGateVC.

Throughout the 5 cycles of the 3-month program, 90 startups and 220 entrepreneurs have been involved and a network of 100+ high profile professionals and mentors have been engaged with the companies. Program graduates have raised over € 3M of funding. About 31% of 52 alumni companies have female founders. The program provided opportunities to founders to participate in 175+ sessions, workshops, business breakfasts and dinners delivered by a network of 100+ high profile professionals spanning from Australia to Europe and Silicon Valley.

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